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Welcome to Ed's Vintage Laundry Parts Website

Ed Brown DIstributors has been providing top quality Commercial Laundry Parts and Service for over 60 years. While providing this service, we have also been accumulating parts that we have needed to fix machines. Sometimes we ordered just enough to correct a problem, sometimes we ordered more than enough, and that leads to this website. On this website, you will find "Vintage" parts from times gone by. We have parts for the old, the not so old, and in some cases, ancient equipment. We like to call these the "oldies but goodies". While we enjoy having them on our shelf so we can talk about the "good ol' days", we don't like counting them when it comes inventory time. So, we have decided to share these parts with you in hope that you have some of these great old machines that might just be in need of some sprucin' up! Take a look, and if you see what you need, by all means buy it! Inventory time is just around the corner, and you need these parts more than we do! Milnor, Wascomat, Alliance, Continental Girbau, (see Categorys on left of page below)  they're all here, waiting for you to provide them with a home.

Pricing is out cost (sometimes very old) plus 10% - Call for availability - 800-929-5520

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  We know we can fill the order for that old machine
If you have questions, please call us at 1-800-929-5520

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Wascomat 080317 TOP PANEL LOCK & KEY #ESD1500
Wascomat 432 285180 FRONT PANEL SIGN,(WAS),W640
Wascomat 438 044001 DOOR GLASS GASKET-BLACK,W73-75|/W105/W123/124/EX12
Wascomat 438 280601 W185 NAME TAG
Wascomat 471 209485 BRASS ADPTR,3/4"MFPTx3/4"USHT - W640
Wascomat 471 244012 GASKET FOR NIPPLE #244018
Wascomat 471 245181 LINER GASKET,W183-185 50#
Wascomat 471 248001 DOOR HANDLE,SQUARE GEN.4
Wascomat 471 410928 DOOR GLASS GASKET,GREY|EXSM230,EXSM665
Wascomat 471 455501 GASKET,SOAP BOX/TOP PANEL,GEN4
Wascomat 471 666419 Tub to Drain Valve Hose Kit w/Clamps
Wascomat 471 675358 MOTOR & GEAR ASSY,(WAS),220v|FOR DOD
Wascomat 471 675364 MOTOR & GEAR ASSY,(WAS),115v|FOR DOD
Wascomat 471 761982 NAMESTRIP-WASCOMAT GT/W184
Wascomat 471 770152 V-BELT,(WAS),SET(2)|W183-184/S150
Wascomat 471 770153 SET OF BELTS(2),SPZ950 770159|S150/S230/EX12 MOTOR TO MOTOR
Wascomat 471 770154 V-Belt,W/FL185,Set of 2,EX22/FLE220,SPZ2120
Wascomat 471 770158 V-BELTS,(WAS),ST OF 3|W/FL243-245 MTR/MTR,SPZ1012
Wascomat 471 770159 V-Belt,Set of 3,EXSM230,Motor - Motor,SPZ950
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